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Sonntag 21. Juli - 14:30 - 16:00


Wir spielen diesen Sommer auf dem Hohentwiel Festival! Kommt und seht uns auf der Bühne der Unteren Festung!

Samstag 03. August - 19:00 - zum Schluss

BISTONSTUBE - Liggeringen

Wir spielen wieder in der legendären Bisonstube, die direkt aus dem Wilden Westen stammt: Büffel, Route 66, Motorräder, und keine lästigen Nachbarn!


Donnerstag 10. Oktober - 18:00 - 22:00

MAHLwerk - Stockach

Im Oktober sind wir wieder in Stockach - dieses Mal in einem coolen Kaffeehaus in der Altstadt. Schaut euch unsere Unplugged-Show im MAHLwerk an!

2024 Shows


Sonntag 09. Juni - 12:00 - 18:00

ROSEANUM - Schlatt am Randen

We had our first gig of the 2024 season at the sprawling gardens of the Roseanum, way out in the sticks west of Singen. We had another really fun gig with a super appreciative audience. One person came up to us and said, "I don't like your band; I love you guys!" And best of all: despite all the rain forecasted, it stayed dry till the end of our show!

2023 Shows

28. Oktober

Private Party - Near Gengenbach (Black Forest)

Right Next Door hit the road for a special celebration in a cozy location off the beaten track - kind of suits the band, doesn't it? This was an unplugged and interactive show, a nice contrast to our amplified shows to big audiences. And once they started dancing ...!

22. Juli

Stadtfest Engen - Pestalozzi bio & gusto

Great time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and evening with a very appreciative audience. Lots of family and friends stopped by - even all the way from London!

14. Juli

Steißlinger Musiksommer - Steißlingen 

Our second show at the Musiksommer festival. Another beautiful evening, a giant audience of around 500 peope. It took a little while to win them over, but once we got them, they really showed their love!

10. Juni 

Roseanum - Schlatt a.R (Near Hilzingen)

Really fun, open air show in the beautiful Roseanum gardens, on a perfect day. We played about four-and-a-half hours of music for a very appreciative audience (of about 250-300 people), tested out some new songs, and even as duos or trios!

09. März

Bücher am Markt - Stockach

One of the most powerful RND shows yet. We played our first unplugged set to an incredibly supportive, appreciative audience (of about 100-120 people). Amazing to get standing ovations and have the whole room sing along and dance to our last songs.

2022 Shows

24. Juni

Bisonstube - Near Liggeringen (above Bodman)

The temperatures dropped down to about 10 degrees and it rained like hell. But RND was not to be denied: we put on a truly rocking, no holds barred show for the 50 lucky souls who braved the weather and came out (all the way from Hawaii no less)!

23. Juli

Stadtfest Engen - Pestalozzi bio & gusto

Our first show in Engen - and you couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. This seemed to be family and friends day. This time they all came out to hang with us.

12. August

Steißlinger Musiksommer - Steißlingen

The show that had been in the works for two years (thanks to corona) finally took place. Along with the 500 people packed in the Torkel, we had a film crew to document the event. Check out the show at our YouTube channel.

2021 Shows

6. August

Bisonstube - Near Liggeringen (above Bodman)

Our first gig with the current line-up, introducing Iris Wecke to the region, and starting the new RND era. And our first post-corona show. Great to be playing live music again!

Pre-2020 Shows

Just a few highlights from the early days, back when we were cutting our musical teeth and earning our dues ...

Summer 2019

Stadtfest Singen

Another great show with the original RND line-up.

Summer 2018

Stadtfest Singen

Great show with the original RND line-up.

Summer 2015

Schaffhauser Str. Feschtival - Singen

Where it all started: The now legendary first RND gig that some fans insist was the greatest of them all. However, some of those fans may have been a bit under the influence.

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