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RND TOUR 2023:

Freitag 14. Juli

Steißlinger Musiksommer - In der Torkel - Kirchstraße 2, Steißlingen 

Auftritt: 19:00

Join us for a repeat of our huge 2022 gig, where over 500 people came to party!
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Samstag 22. Juli

Pestalozzi bio & gusto - Sonnenbuck 2, Engen
uftritte: 17:00 / 19:00 / 21:00

We're also back in Engen this year - the only band rocking the lower city!
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Recent Shows:

Samstag 10. Juni 

Roseanum - Schlatt a.R

Really fun, open air show in the beautiful Roseanum gardens, on a perfect day. We played about four-and-a-half hours of music for a very appreciative audience (of about 250-300 people), tested out some new songs, and even as duos or trios!

Donnerstag 09. März

Bücher am Markt - Stockach

One of the most powerful RND shows yet. We played our first unplugged set to an incredibly supportive, appreciative audience (of about 100-120 people). Amazing to get standing ovations and have the whole room sing along and dance to our last songs.

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