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Every so often we make the time to try our hand at recordings. Christian pulls out the multi-track recorder (never forgetting the instructions booklet!), the studio mics. If our metal band neighbors are away, we put on the headphones and give it a crack. A little mixing by the great Jojo Bueld never hurt. Can you guess which songs he worked on?

Einblick in unsere aktuelle Playlist:

- Cocaine   

- Conversation    

- Love the One you with      

- Helplessly Hoping     

- Waggon Wheel

- Desperado   

- Long Train Running   

- Hotel California      

- Seven Bridges Road 

- Breakfast in America

- Going Mobile

- Take Five

- Make You Feel My Love

- School

- Weit Weit Weg

- Weiße Pferde

- I Will Wait

- Give a little Bit

- Lola

- Through the Barricades

- Dust in the Wind

- Lucky Man

- America

- Georgia / Hegau

- Comfortably Numb

- Before you accuse me

- Don't like Mondays

- Wonderful Tonight

- With or without you

- Je Veux

Eric Clapton


Stephen Stills

Crosby, Stills and Nash

Bob Dylan

The Eagles

Doobie Brothers

The Eagles

The Eagles


The Who

Dave Brubeck



Hubert von Goisern

Georg Danzer

Mumford and Sons


The Kinks

Spandau Ballet


Emerson Lake and Palmer

Simon and Garfunkel

Ray Charles / RND

Pink Floyd

Eric Clapton

Boomtown Rats

Eric Clapton



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